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"Best app!! I've followed Kayla on Instagram for a while now and finally decided to get her app and I'm sooooo glad I did! Such great workouts available, workout challenges, or even quick stretching sequences. I was feeling in a rut and wasn't getting to the gym everyday like I used to and now I get notifications from the app to remind me to do my activities! Do yourself a favor and....Get. This. App! Thanks Kayla!"

Kōch App Testimonial

"I have been using this app for almost 3 years now. Kayla keeps adding new workouts routines that are easy to choose from. You can choose from a variety according to your fitness needs. From a 60 day program to one day, 30 min hiit :) I also love that Kayla makes sure you are always doing different movements in a way the workouts go by fast."

Kōch App Testimonial

"Love this app! There are a variety of programs for various fitness levels and its very affordable. I always worry that I'm doing exercises wrong at the gym so having the videos is a big help. I was enjoying the gym programs but have also really been loving the bodyweight workouts at home. This app truly has something for everyone with additional programs you can participate in. This comes at an extra cost, but creates a wonderful and supportive community along with meal plans and live workouts!"

Kōch App Testimonial

"This is such a great fitness app. Easy to use, you can schedule workouts and follow Kayla’s routines very easily. The app shows you how to do each exercise as it goes. But it also gives you the option to search exercises based on muscles which I really love. Worth it!"

Kōch App Testimonial

"Easy to follow along, great workout programs. Always lots of options so you don’t get bored of the same workouts. The exercises are demonstrated and have a countdown and sounds to pace the exercise so you don’t always have to be looking at the screen. If the app supported live videos that would be fun!"

Kōch App Testimonial

"This is a great App. Easy to use interface and content is exceptional. A variety of different routines to keep working out at home interesting and effective. Easy to follow videos makes it perfect for any level of fitness."

Kōch App Testimonial

Momma + Baby Classes


  • Designed specifically for mommas postpartum 
  • Focus on building core strength back and overall strength training
  • 4 Classes offered per week on Zoom and In-Person 

*You must be cleared by a health professional to participate in the classes

*Spaces limited for in person classes


"This challenge has got me back on the exercise train! After a long year with my baby who had multiple health complications and surgeries, I kind of lost myself. But this challenge made me take time for MYSELF and I think its the best thing I did in a long time so I want to thank you guys for giving me this opportunity. Also, I have been doing the workouts with my sister via FaceTime and it has been so fun! "

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"The Plank the Curve Challenge helped me so much. I used to be someone who struggled with working out from home, but this challenge has made me start to love it. My workouts have become the highlight of my day. Not only did it help me feel more physically fit, but it helped better my mental well being during these uncertain times. Thank you for the awesome workouts and the inspiring meal plans. Not only am I now working out daily, but I am eating a lot healthier too. "

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"As always, the challenges KDAVIS provides simply transform whatever season of life I am in into something even more amazing. Especially during these strange times, I am looking forward to this new way of moving my body at home!"

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"I seriously loved this program! The KDAVIS community is so supportive and motivating. Whether you're new or have been apart of the squad for years, you will feel welcomed from the beginning. The workouts were challenging and effective. I especially liked how they weren't overly-long.They felt manageable, gave me something to look forward to, and provided a sense of accomplishment. The weekly live zoom workouts also kept things spicy and provided an enhanced sense of community. It can be hard to know where to start and easy to feel overwhelmed with so many workouts and programs out there (especially at this time), but the KDAVIS community has your back...and for the long haul! Much love "

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"Plank the Curve challenge got me back on track, both physically and mentally. The workouts were simple and straightforward, which allowed me to ease back into a routine, while at the same time challenging my fitness level. Add in Laura's meal plan and your step it up to the next level. Her plans are not restricting, they give you balanced, healthy meals that always leave you feeling full - not starving."

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"I can’t thank you enough! Our family business of 31 years might be going under, I’ve been laid off, my fiancé is a nurse and will be working soon and seeing so many people struggle has been so hard. My stress levels have been sky high as I’m sure many others are too. Having something to look forward to and conquer has been that little bit of light that has helped me (and my fiancé) through these hard times. Having meals and snacks to make and workouts to plan and be able to do at home has been amazing! Also the live chats and workouts have been fun! it really has been the little things that have kept me going. Thanks again for putting on this program! "

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"As always i absolutely love your programs! They’re adaptable for all levels of fitness and keep me motivated! This challenge has helped me stay focused on my goals even in such a period of uncertainty! Thank you to you and Laura Davies for always being there when we need you! You ladies are true inspiration"

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"The 2 week challenge has been that reset in my brain that I needed. Dealing with working full time to staying at home with our 3 kids has been an adjustment and still is. The challenge has made me force myself to make time to move everyday, focus on better eating and discovering new, simple recipes from Laura Davies. Having the live chats/workouts with Kayla Fontaine and Laura has made it more real and personal. Thank you both!! "

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"The workouts are great and easy to do at home— very little equipment and space needed. The online video workouts are great— definitely kick my butt every time! It’s nice to have others doing the same workout together. The tips given from the education videos are something we can all take away from. Looking forward to the next round! "

Plank the Curve Testimonial

"For a mom of a 3yo and 5 month old.. finding time to myself is hard and these workouts made for efficient and effective “me” time. I felt accountability to get them done but had the flexibility to make it work with my schedule. Thank you!!"

Plank the Curve Testimonial

Monthly Challenge Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Workouts to do at home or the gym
  • Video demonstrations available for all workouts and exercises
  • Follow along the workout videos or go at your own pace
  • Connect your fitness tracking device to more accurately track your workout progress, heart rate and steps (Apple Health App, Neo Health GO/Pulse/Onyx/One)


  • Bodyweight Workouts
  • Weight Training Workouts
  • Cardio Workouts
  • Core Workouts
  • HIIT Training
  • Barre and Pilates Workouts
  • Mobility Workouts
  • Customize your own workout


  • Group fitness challenges
  • Personal fitness challenges


  • Monitor your nutrition quickly and easily with the Food app calorie counter
  • Scan a barcode or input a food item
  • Recipes available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in our Community Groups
  • Adjust your macronutrient breakdown according to your goals (lose weight, gain or maintain)
  • Compare calories burned in your workout to calories consumed
  • Customized nutrition plans available


  • Get rewarded for your hard work and consistency with the Personal Achievement Awards
  • Follow and support your friends on their personal fitness profile
  • Join a Community Group for educational content, recipes, chat groups, inspiration and more


  • Accurately track calories burned, total exercise time, miles traveled and steps
  • Track heart rate if connected to a fitness tracking device
  • Record progress day by day in the activity calendar
  • Monitor performance, weight, and body composition in the Performance Statistics graphs

As a PRO member,  you get full access to all features on the App. 

If you signed up for the KDAVIS App before November 8th, 2019, you will need to cancel your account directly through PAYPAL or reach out to [email protected] for assistance. 

If you signed up for the KDAVIS App account on, or after November 8th, 2019, you can log into your account at and cancel directly through the website. 


STEP 1: Log in to your account at 

STEP 2: Click settings in the drop down menu 

STEP 3: In the top right hand corner click Billing Info

STEP 4: Click cancel 


Please reach out to [email protected] at any point for assistance. 

If you already have an account set up on the APP 

Your account will be upgraded to PRO shortly! There is a short delay after signing up for PRO membership for it to be re-activated. 

If you are new to the App 

After signing up for your PRO Membership, the next step to get started is to set up your App account. You will receive another email shortly to set up your USERNAME + PASSWORD for the APP. This can take up to 24 hours so please be patient and this is different then the username name and password you created on this website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not received your App Activation email within 24 hours, please check your Junk Mail as it often ends up there and if it is still not there, please reach out to our team at [email protected]

After signing up for your 7 Day Trial, the next step to get started is to set up your App account. You will receive another email to set up your USERNAME + PASSWORD for the APP. This can take up to 24 hours so please be patient and this is different then the username name and password you created on this website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not received your App Activation email within 24 hours, please check your Junk Mail as it often ends up there and if it is still not there, please reach out to our team at [email protected]

$4.99 CAD+ Tax / Month

*Cancel at any time
Payment will be processed through the KDAVIS FITNESS Website VIA PAYPAL or credit card.

Depending on what program/ challenge you have registered for will determine when you can access your workouts. 

If you purchased a program on top of your monthly membership. You will receive an email asking what day you would like to start your program. Once you let your Kōch know, the workouts will be immediately added into your calendar (if your app account is active).  

If you still cannot see your workouts in your calendar, you may need to sync you App. Watch how to do that here --> 

If you recently joined a Challenge, your workouts will be visible depending on the start date of the program. Kayla or your challenge Kōch will let you know when the workouts will be visible. 


By connecting your FitBit to Virtuagym, the calories you burn from all tracked activities with FitBit are synchronized with your Virtuagym profile. These are the steps to add Fitbit to your Virtuagym account: 

  • Step 1: Go to your Account Settings through your personal menu on the top right of the web platform (
  • Step 2: Go to the "Connections" tab, find Fitbit and click "Connect"
  • Step 3: Follow the steps on the webpage that opens

Apple Health: 

By connecting the Apple Health app with Virtuagym, we can pull the activities into your activity calendar:

These are the steps to add Apple Health to your Virtuagym account: 

  • Step 1: Go to the Virtuagym app and click "Me" on the bottom right.
  • Step 2: Under Devices & Connections, click on "Show all"
  • Step 3: Search for the Apple Health App and click on "Settings"
  • Step 4: Click on "Turn all categories on" or the right toggle next to the category

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