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Bridal Kōch

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Next Group Starting: March 15th


28 Day Burn HIIT

Burn calories while building muscle, with a variety of different full body circuits, tabata's and HIIT. 


Join the Bridal Kōch Challenge

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Yay! You're getting married! The Bridal Kōch Challenge was built for you bride-to-be! 
Over the 3-Day challenge we will be going through some of my top tips for brides as well as some quick, challenging bridal focused workouts! 

Starting: Monday, January 10th

Bride Testimonial

"I started working out with Kayla 10 months prior to my wedding. I did one-on-one sessions 2-3 times a week. Outside of my sessions Kayla provided me with workouts to do on my own at the gym outside of the sessions we had. I was constantly supported through text and email, and was given nutritional advice that complimented the style of workouts I was doing. 

Overall I was down 25lbs for my wedding and I knew I would not have felt as confident as I did on my wedding day if it wasn’t for Kayla and the support I received in the year prior. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make some changes before the big day."

- Joanne


Bride Testimonial

"In the months leading up to our wedding her bootcamps consistently pushed us with new exercises, heavier weights, and every few months she retested us - so we were always seeing little (or big) gains! This was super motivating. Seeing consistent progress with new tone, increased strength, and looking better in my clothes every day was so satisfying. I felt so happy, strong and confident on our wedding day and was so excited to wear that beautiful dress!"

- Meggie


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