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Your Wedding Day is just around the corner and you deserve to feel incredible inside and out when you walk down the aisle. With the Bridal Kōch program we will work closely together to help you build lean muscle in your arms, shoulders and back, shed fat and glow with confidence on the most magical day of your life. 

COST: $59.99 + tax / Bi-Weekly

Due to COVID 19 we will be postponing the first payment to come out on May 1st 

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New workout programs every month on the KDAVIS App 

COVID UPDATE: You will have the choice between a home or gym program

Every month you will receive a new workout program on the KDAVIS App. All workouts are focused on achieving overall fat loss and building lean muscle in the arms, shoulders and back.

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New Meal Plan Monthly 

You will receive a new meal plan every month from Registered Holistic Nutritionist Laura Davies. Each plan will include a variety of healthy and delicious recipes, a grocery list and meal guideline. 

Accountability and Support

You will have frequent check-in calls with Kayla to ensure you are staying accountable and on track with your goals. 

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Next Group Starting April 15th

Questions before starting? Reach out to 

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Victoria (Bride-to-be)

I am beyond grateful for the Bridal Kōch program. It really has taken away the stress of being “wedding dress ready” for the big day. After having 3 kids and not being particularly confident with my new “mom bod”, this was something that was a huge worry for me. Since starting the program, I’ve noticed so many positive changes in my body and continue to each week that passes. I feel stronger, healthier but also, happier. Kayla has been absolutely amazing & so supportive. She truly cares and is right there cheering you on every step of the way! Another thing that was huge for me (with having 3 kids and all) was the convenience of the program; having all your workouts in your calendar on the KDAVIS app & the meal plans. Everything is so conveniently set up for you, you just have to put in the work.

I would (and do) recommend this program to all the brides-to-be!

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Rebecca (Bride-to-be)

The Bridal Koch Program has been absolutely amazing.  The foundational piece to the success of this program is Kayla; she is knowledgeable, compassionate, and truly cares about helping us achieve our fitness goals. Not only does Kayla ensure we get the one-on-one support we need, she also listens to us (her clients) and makes adjustments were necessary. I would recommend this program to any of my bridal friends!

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Meggie (Bride) 

I’m so grateful to Kayla for her coaching, bootcamps, and app getting me back into shape over the past year. I feel stronger, happier, and healthier!

In the months leading up to our wedding her bootcamps consistently pushed us with new exercises, heavier weights, and every few months she retested us - so we were always seeing little (or big) gains! This was super motivating. Seeing consistent progress with new tone, increased strength, and looking better in my clothes every day was so satisfying. I felt so happy, strong and confident on our wedding day and was so excited to wear that beautiful dress!

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Laura (Bridesmaid)

I’ve know Meggie (the bride) for almost 25 years and was so excited when she asked me to be a bridesmaid! She has always been such an amazing friend and an equally good role model as she always works so hard at everything she does. I knew that Meggie had been going to some bootcamp classes with Kayla, and she had been loving them. Meggie gave me that encouragement that I so needed (and been wanting to take for a long time), to get healthy and hit the gym.

I started with Kayla doing personal training sessions, we talked about my goals, eating habits and what I wanted to get out of all this. I had always just played sports when I was younger, and really had no clue what to do in the gym. Kayla and the Strada Health team always made me feel comfortable and welcome!I started seeing Kayla 2-3 times a week, and in just a few short months, I had made huge improvements in my endurance, confidence and strength! I was finally ready to join Meggie in the group fitness classes!

Kayla always reminded me the importance of it being lifestyle changes, not ‘dieting’, not doing this/that, but trying to eat healthy and finding what works for me, so that I can stick to it long term. From February to July (the wedding) I had lost 25 pounds, which was a goal that Kayla and I had set, and now another 6 months later I am down 45 pounds, and I have never felt so good! I know that I would not have met these fitness goals without either Meggie or Kayla, and I will be forever grateful!

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My experience has been very positive. It is the only program I have consistently stuck with. Prior to beginning this program I was gaining & losing the same 5lbs over and over again. Since beginning to participate in the Bridal Koch program with Kayla I have seen some real results and continue to make consistent, sustainable progress each week.

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