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Kayla is the Founder of KDAVIS Fitness and the Kōch App and has over 9 years experience as a Health and Fitness coach. Since graduating from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology, she has coached hundreds of clients all over the world through in-person training, online coaching, bootcamps and now the KDAVIS App. Everyday she strives to support, inspire and empower her clients to be STRONGER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER. She is constantly putting her community through fitness challenges on social media and the KDAVIS App and showing them that working out is achievable for everyone, everywhere.

Up until she attended University, Kayla was a competitive gymnast. The years of training and discipline gave her an appreciation for what it takes to develop and maintain a strong physical condition. Just as important were the lessons she learned about positive mentality, perseverance and commitment. After University Kayla began competing in the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation in the Bikini Category, where she has represented Nova Scotia provincially and nationally. More recently she competed in Olympic Weighting at the Nova Scotia Championships. Kayla’s biggest lesson, and the most important message she shares with her clients, friends and family is that with enough passion, and discipline, you can do anything you put your mind to!



As a former varsity athlete, Joy has always enjoyed competing. It wasn't until her varsity career ended that she really fell in love with the gym and improving performance. As an Exercise Physiologist she enjoy using exercise as a form of medicine, as well as for prehab and rehab in clinical and elite populations! Joy's love for the gym is based on the physical and the mental challenges that occur within an hour of sweating and unlike sport, she believes that you are truly only competing with yourself!



Shaina Falcone is a certified Pilates & Barre instructor, Personal Trainer, Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach and Group Fitness instructor. She believes daily movement and healthy lifestyle choices bring lifelong joy and wellness. Shaina is the mom of two busy boys, and understands how difficult it can be to squeeze fitness into your day. She’s here to provide effective, fun and efficient workouts for you, and to inspire you to find your strength. Shaina can be found on Instagram @shainafalconefitness, at, and teaching group fitness and private clients in and around Halifax, Nova Scotia.






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